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The Micro SaaS opportunity

For the past decades, spurred by the internet, most of the attention by media, investors and society more generally has been focused on hyper-growth software businesses. Fuelled by cheap venture capital cash they grow at all costs to monopolise winner take all markets. Only a few survive whilst all others fall by the way side often with little to show for it.

However, with the barriers to software and product development getting lower but simultaneously the percentage of commerce & business moving digital. There’s a class of software businesses that’s been vastly overlooked until recently. Micro SaaS.

Micro SaaS are small software businesses, run with cash generation and profit at the forefront from conception. They are often unsexy and niche tools. No venture investor would touch them. But that’s what makes them great. They are the mom & pop businesses of the internet. And we believe this is a multi-billion dollar opportunity and growing.

If the internet has proven anything, whilst there may be a few extremely large players in a market; the Google’s, Shopify’s, Atlassian’s, Salesforce’s & so on. There will always be room for niche tools solving specific problems for a defined customer set. They may not become billion dollar businesses but they can still become great businesses. And that’s what we and others are interested in.

As Micro SaaS has gained in popularity, more innovations have come into the market. From debt financing solutions focused on subscription based companies, the creation of MicroPE houses investing in and buying Micro SaaS businesses. To marketplaces to buy/sell Micro SaaS businesses. The next few years will be exciting.

We believe the best starting point for Micro SaaS companies are the app stores for the largest platforms on the planet. Those platforms are already behemoths in their industry and have extremely large user bases. But often those platforms lack the specific product customisations and tools to solve all the problems for their customers. The perfect breeding ground for Micro SaaS.

About Marketplace Apps

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